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Not much enthusiasm? ...... Enough of that, you'll have read it already. What you want to know is what the Team Booster Workshop can do for you!!!

So, what's the difference between a standard AMB Team Work Course and a Team Booster Workshop?

Team Boosters are:

  • short (4-8 hours but can be longer)
  • highly focused
  • aimed at particular teams
  • flexible

Team Booster Workshops are directed specifically at providing a short, dynamic experience to existing teams, whereas the participants on a full 'Working in Teams' may belong to different work groups.

Team Booster Workshops are highly focused, only attempting to cover a small number of issues relevant to the team. Longer courses will cover more general material and will also explore individual issues in greater depth.

Team Booster Workshops are particularly suited to groups who are geographically dispersed or who do not get many opportunities to meet.

Team Booster Workshops will normally spend at least some time exploring openness, preconceptions, trust and creativity - in the context of the particular group's needs. Typical team needs could include:

  • Injection of purpose and energy
  • Integration of new members, or adjusting to the departure of key players
  • Conflict resolution: within the team or with the rest of the organisation
  • Improved cooperation and communication
  • More creative thinking and problem solving

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