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Role Play and Industrial Theatre

Role play is simply "the use of other people (actors or delegates) to act as a particular character to give someone an opportunity to practice dealing with other people, in a realistic a way as possible". This means that the mistakes that are inevitably made while learning new skills can be made safely in the training environment. Also, different approaches can be tried to discover the best way of handling particular situations.

Forum Theatre originates from Augusto Boal's work developing 'The Theatre of the Oppressed' with communities, particularly in South America.  The objective of Boal's process is to move people from being passive observers into actively taking part in how things should be and ultimately empower them to take a greater amount of control over their lives.  In its more commercial form it can be used to develop buy-in to business change, empower people to take control of their own learning and continual development, it can also be used to develop new behaviours, adjust and develop existing behaviours and raise confidence to apply new behaviours within the workplace.  Forum Theatre is also a very powerful tool to use within Development Centres, as it focuses on the new behaviours relevant to the skills development being carried out. 

Industrial theatre is "the use of drama and actors within a commercial setting, to sell a product or service, to put across a concept, raise people's awareness, and to enhance training".

Theatre and acting skills provide a way of delivering the learning process and a way of helping people to receive new ways of thinking, putting the required changes in attitude into a proper context, and to build confidence in themselves and trust in others. Here are some of the ways in which they can be used:

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