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The Play in a Day Workshop

People not always communicating? Creativity going out the window? Teams not working together as well as they used to? You need Play in a Day!

Your team will return having been stretched, some with a new perspective on creativity, some with a better understanding of their colleagues, some with a better understanding of themselves and all with a sense of shared experience.
When you look at it that way, can you really afford NOT to do this?

What is the 'Play-in-a-Day' concept?
We take a group of people who may have little or no acting experience, have probably no knowledge of what it is like to perform in front of 'a paying audience' and by the end of the day get them to 'put the show on right here'? Are we mad? Yes. But it does work. Why? Through……..

Teamwork - Creativity - Confidence - Innovation - Fun

Everyone's skills are used and used in different ways. All those involved will be a part of the process, at whatever level is appropriate. So some may want to be stars, another may want to create a character, others may want to write a scene…. The list of possibilities is only as short as the imaginations of those who participate.

We tap into each individual's creativity and then bring them together allowing ideas to be exchanged and developed, and new ones built up to produce clear objectives.

Each person will be stretched but only to the degree that adds to his or her confidence. The sense of achievement both on individual and group terms will add to each person's feeling of self-esteem and self-worth.

The structure, format and content will be created on the day, nothing need be prepared beforehand, the only things participants need bring with them are their ideas, creativity, and the commitment to see it through to the end and have some fun.

How does it work?
Simple really. All we need is the group, a suitable venue (and refreshments on tap) and we'll do the rest. Oh, and of course there must be 'the paying audience'.

actors mean BUSINESS will facilitate and direct the process which will start with an introduction to the improvisation process, basic acting skills and, eventually, the creative process. This will result in a show that will be like no other and we can guarantee that the participants will remember the experience for a very long time.

What else is involved?
A Play in a Day can be delivered purely as a one-day event but is best used in it's two-day format to build on the first day's experience by developing communication and understanding between group members.
The second day, after the performance, will be a process of debriefing and exploring the group dynamic and how they can develop to work in a more productive, creative and efficient way. This will include such areas as preconceptions, feedback techniques, active listening, ensuring clear understanding, and problem solving techniques.

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