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People Skills Coaching

What it is

The People Skills Coaching Programme is a one-day process that is used as and when your needs or your training budget allows.

It is a one-to-one process that delivers high quality coaching to up to seven of your staff over one working day.

As you probably know, training and personal development initiatives are more effective when repeated - building skills and knowledge over time - but of course, buying lots of workshops that cover topics in a generalised way is both costly and time-consuming.

Using a People Skills Coach where your staff receive individual attention, targeted to focus on the specific area or skill that they need to develop is more cost effective, less time consuming (as it will only take an hour of their time on a periodic basis), and you are in control of how often they receive the coaching.

How it works

The People Skills Coaching Programme takes the form of a surgery-type consultation where the consultant comes to your office for the day to work with up to seven of your people.

The objective is to provide individual coaching to address a specific area of need as defined by the participant and to build skills so they can then begin to apply it within the workplace.

The key to this process is that it is iterative - each participant builds his or her skills through the process of coaching supported by the consultant. This support takes the form of periodic surgery session - for example once a month, on a one-to-one basis.

Individuals can book an hour's consultation to talk over their interpersonal skills areas - information from appraisals, or comments from others, or simply where they have a feeling they need to expand their skills in communication or any area of personal development. These can include such topics as Presentation, Meetings, Assertiveness, Confidence and Self-Esteem/Self-Worth, Dealing with Anger (Own or Other's), Dealing with difficult people/situations, Negotiation skills, Leadership skills, Team skills, etc.

These consultations can be repeated and can be treated as a developmental process where you staff can try out new ways of doing things, using the coach as 'the other party' - building up techniques through which they can change their style of interaction.

Telephone backup can be made available where needed.

The Benefits

  • Individual attention targeted to the individual's needs.
  • There is no need to place them on an open course where they don't know anyone else; therefore the threat level is reduced.
  • This process aims to develop skills in a structured and supported way to develop understanding and knowledge rather than just the gathering of facts and a few actions, whereas open courses tend not to be followed up or built on.
  • Continuous learning is promoted - if the individual takes one change away from the consultation to action in the workplace they will be likely to do that on a continual basis after each consultation - thus benefiting the business directly.
  • The process can be adapted to each individual's needs.
  • Long-term relationships are created between coach and participants - promoting trust and increase in confidence.
  • Costs can be reduced because of repeat business.
  • Structured learning produces effective and actioned change and personal development.
  • Those participating will feel valued as employees as there is a greater amount of perceived commitment to their development.
  • The relationship between AMB and the client organisation is negotiated rather than imposed, so as to supply the client with cost-effective results.

The Investment

Your investment will depend on the number of coaching days booked in advance. We can offer substantial discounts for a long-term commitment. We are also offering for a limited period a special introductory rate so that clients can experience the process on a low-risk basis. Please contact Nigel Higgs for more details.

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