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Industrial Theatre

Industrial theatre can is used in the business context to sell a product or service, to put across a concept, raise people's awareness, and to enhance training. Below is a partial list of the areas in which Industrial Theatre can be used.

Conference Support
Where actors can be used in a number of ways, for example:

  • Performing scripted and choreographed scenes;
  • Performing semi-scripted scenes;
  • Performing unscripted scenes (improvising);
  • Using facilitation skills to interact with the audience to gather information;
  • Using facilitation and acting skills to work with sections of the audience (focus groups);
  • Any combination of the above.

Exhibition Support
Where actors are given roles and objectives, and also the parameters on how they can project those roles, and then they are allowed to improvise around those requirements.

Change Support
Where actors are used to deliver or explore a concept or set of concepts so that they can begin to understand what is involved in the proposed change. This could be (as with Conference Support) carried out in a number of ways (see above). It can be in large groups or small groups. It can be part of a larger initiative or just on its own. It can be part of an Open Space or Future Search event. It can be used wherever the imagination and budget allows it to be used!

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