Personal development
Role play / industrial theatre
Making a dramatic difference

Maybe you want to change the way your people think, the way they interact with each other, the way they perceive and understand each other…

….Maybe you need to get your people to approach your customers, each other and your business in a different way, because your business has to change, deal with new markets, and different clients or customers.

Actors Mean Business use techniques and concepts from the theatre to help organisations and individuals develop the skills they need to become more effective - both at doing their current job and at continuously adapting to their changing environment.

We operate from a simple set of core principles and yet, because we too have to adapt to meet our clients needs, no two programmes will be the same.

There are numerous ways in which we can work with you to facilitate both personal change in the people who work in your organisation and the cultural change that will ensure things move forwards

So, whether you're looking for ideas, or already have good idea of how to solve your problem and are looking for specific programmes, explore the links on the left to find out more.


A NEW Product from AMB - A Programme that will Drive the Learning and Behaviours from Training into the workplace.... 

If you find that some of your people don't or can't apply the concepts, learning and behaviours from training they have carried out then this programme may be the answer...


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