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Feedback skills

Whether people do well or badly it is vital that any feedback is given in such a way that they will respond positively. That is, that they will continue doing what they are doing well and will be positively motivated to change what they are not getting right.

Good feedback skills are needed for formal situations, such as appraisals or training, or less formal - in normal day-to-day management, or when facilitating meetings. There are also skills involved in receiving feedback, to ensure that any necessary learning points are heard and acted on.

actors mean BUSINESS can help your managers learn these vital skills, either as a stand-alone programme, or as a module in a wider context. In either case, participants will learn:

  • how to combine praise and correction to best effect
  • how to have the most appropriate intentions
  • how to use supportive language
  • how not to take feedback personally.

This will be done mainly through the use of guided role play.

As role play work always includes an element of giving (and receiving) feedback, we often include a specific feedback module in programmes where we are using role play for other purposes.


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