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Customer Care involves a wide range of skills that will balance the business needs and requirements against the customer's needs and requirements.  This is NOT an easy dynamic to resolve. If a Customer Care Representative relies too much on the policies that the business has set up customers may feel as though they  are not valued - and will take their custom elsewhere.  On the other hand, the Customer Care Rep may allow the customer to take advantage of the want to retain their custom and thus give away far to much.

Its an art to maintain a balance and will more than likely rely on the specific unstances rather than the clinical application of policy and regulations.

It really involves discovering the other person's needs and finding a mutually acceptable way of meeting them. We include topics such as:

  • 'total' listening and questioning
  • presenting benefits and balancing them against the customer's needs
  • handling conflict and deadlocks
  • objection handling
  • improving empathy
  • understanding non-verbal communication
  • recognition of needs
  • enhancing creativity

Delegates will get the chance to expand their creativity and gain confidence through true-to-life experience of sales and negotiating situations. Where appropriate, we use actors in role plays to enhance the reality of the experience.

We have put forward a diagram of our Approach to Customer Care and how it is really a Quality Change Process - picking customer needs out of the process and feeding them directly back into the Businesses Common Values and hence creating a much more dynamic relationship with its customers.

See the Typical Projects page for an example of a customer service project.

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