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Problem Solving and Creativity Workshops

"If you leave a thing alone, you leave it to a torrent of change" - G K Chesterton.

One of the demands on business is to innovate continuously. With ever-reducing product development times and the openness of global information exchange, whatever is fixed and certain today can be out of date tomorrow. This means that your staff have to be comfortable with change and able to solve problems creatively. At the same time, they also have to function in an operational world of quality control, right first time every time, reliability and consistency.

The world of acting understands this split. Developing a play through research, improvisation and rehearsal corresponds with the problem solving phase, whereas the performance run is equivalent to ongoing production.

Our Creativity and Problem Solving workshops help people break out from the restraints of linear, analytical thinking and add the power of divergent, more intuitive, creative methods. Using ideas from a wide variety of sources, combined with acting improvisations and games, the workshops aim to increase openness, reduce preconceptions and instigate new ways of examining problems and designing solutions. Of benefit to anyone, the workshop is particularly suited to the needs of groups of people with a common purpose - for example in the generation of strategy.

A typical workshop is two days, but can be tailored to suit individual circumstances as needed. We can also provide short 'taster' sessions which can be included in situations like sales conferences or user group meetings. Contact us for more details.

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