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Core Principles

The work of Actors Mean Business is underpinned by the following beliefs, which help us create programmes which deliver your performance objectives.

What happens inside your head directly affects how you behave
When actors create a role, they will want to find out as much as possible about what the character thinks about himself, his or her situation and the wider world. This is because those thoughts lead the actor to the most 'real' portrayal of the character's actions, including how they move and sound. In the same way, the most effective behaviour in the workplace stems from having resourceful thoughts.

Direct experience enhances learning
Life is improvised. The other person is always following their own script rather than something predetermined. This means that the best way to learn how to deal with a wide variety of situations is to rehearse - preferably in a safe, supportive environment where mistakes can be tolerated. No amount of theory or reflection in isolation will help to learn how to do this as well as combining it with experience and experimentation.

Consistently acting "as if" leads to permanent change
According to the saying, "practice makes perfect". We believe that this needs to be updated to "practice makes permanent". (If you practice doing something incorrectly, it becomes a so-called "bad habit", which is very difficult to change!) So, consistently behaving in a resourceful way (even if it doesn't come naturally) will, in the end, become automatic. This process is reinforced if the results achieved are positive.

Reflection and action planning improve the likelihood of change
As well as the chance to understand the theory and to experiment with the practice, we believe it is important to answer the question "What if?" This will enable delegates to put any learning into their own contexts and to plan what, specifically, they will do when they return to the workplace.

Values alignment is essential for organisations' success
People are primarily motivated towards what they value. For an organisation to really succeed, everyone must genuinely subscribe to a common set of values. Then teamwork can take off and performance can move towards more than the sum of its parts.

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