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Reasons for choosing Actors Mean Business

We consider that the provision of Training and Personal Development, for ALL businesses is a quality-based process.  If the training doesn't privide your business a cost-effective benefit then it will be money wasted.

We also believe in continual development, even though people do move into different roles within a business or leave to work at other companies (sometimes competitors) - many employees now see continuous development as a benefit - a benefit that will allow them to develop and grow as individuals and as team members.

Our view is that when a business invests in their people's development it is an expression of appreciation of that each person's worth to the business.  All too often 'training' is seen as a definition of a person's lack of skills rather than an appreciation of their current talents and an opportunity for them to develop these further.

Sometimes Training & Development can be seen as an expensive chore. We would suggest that it should be the core development process of a business. So many organisations are realising that their people are their most important asset and their skills, talents, knowledge and experience are what can make the differentiating factor between success and failure.  An organisation's people hold its knowledge, most of it's intellectual property, the social and business relationships within and between organisations, product knowledge and development, and much more.  Therefore developing their people's technical, business, social and personal skills should be an organisation's primary goal, as it will be the foundation of the driving forward motion of the business.

How can Actors Mean Business help you achieve this?

Helping people develop the social & personal (or 'people') skills used to interact with, communicate and influence colleagues and clients is not a simplistic process. Off-the-shelf workshops can deliver specific communication skills to your people, but as with all learning development, handing a person a tool will not necessarily mean they fully understand its use.

Understanding why these skills are useful and effective and how they can benefit both the individual and the business are where the greatest rewards are gathered. And this is where Actors Mean Business come in.

We address your particular requirements - both the needs of the business and of the participants - we take them from where they actually are to where you and they want and need to be. We help you to identify the problem areas and design appropriate solutions.

We're flexible. Just as every group of people is different, no two programmes are the same - we create a dynamic interactive process which can evolve as circumstances change. At the same time, we always have the objectives of the programme clearly in sight.

We Believe in Cost Effectiveness. Yes, we have a fee structure, and yes, we like to earn money.  But we also like to do the best job we can and make sure that you get the best result - we want you to come back and that means we need you to get value for money. 

We work at the beliefs and values level. This creates the greatest amount of change in the shortest time. Most people's behaviour is strongly influenced by their attitudes; change those and the behaviour will change with it.

We aim to Build Relationships. Not only with the people we are working with - your people, but also with the organisations we work with - you.  Our objective is to be a resource for you to draw on as an when you need us.  But to do that you need to appreciate the range of ways we can help you - and then talk to us about what it is YOU want from US.

We believe learning (and change) happens most easily when it is fun. We aim to generate a safe environment where experimentation is encouraged, "mistakes" are used simply as feedback, and laughter is part of the process. Our programmes allow people to play with the question 'What If?

Understanding why people do and say the things they do is at the heart of drama and acting. It is, ultimately, at the heart of every business. That's why we called our company actors mean BUSINESS. Contact Nigel Higgs to find out what we can do for you.

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