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Presentation for Beginners

This is a presentation workshop for those people with little or no experience of presenting and so, aims to provide a simple and clear approach to understanding the basic to deliver presentations.   

To achieve this, the workshop will focus the participants on trying out the techniques involved in all three areas of defining, preparing and delivering a presentation.

The participants will discover:                                                  

How to define the objectives and the core messages of a presentation.

  • How to target the message to the audience.
  • How to define the needs of the audience.
  • How to prepare the basic visual materials needed to communicate the core messages.
  • How to deliver the presentation with confidence.

The participants should expect to work on and deliver 2 presentations during the day.

The Benefits:

Each participant will:

Create a way of developing presentations that is relevant to them,

  • Define, prepare and deliver 2 short presentations
  • Be involved in giving and receiving feedback, supporting the other participants,
  • Be involved in helping other participants explore and develop their presenting and influencing skills,
  • Analyse their own and others presentation problems and successes – allowing them to discover, learn and try out new ideas, techniques and skills.
  • Each participant will also have 20 minutes of 1-2-1 remote support included (this can be used to cover any issues that arise after the workshop).

Pre-course Work:

The participants should bring with them information they can use in 2 presentations.

To maximise the experiential process there will only be a maximum of 8 participants.


The workshop can be delivered as an:

  • In-House workshop costing £900 plus any major expenses and VAT, or
  • Open Course (dates will vary - call or email to enquire about next course dates and costs).