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Presentation & Influencing Clinic

A Presentation & Influencing workshop for those who want to explore and develop existing skills.

This 1 day workshop is relevant to anyone who presents or who has to influence others (within meetings or informally).  There is also follow-up remote support included (see below).

It will allow you to:

  • Increase your level of confidence,
  • Develop a style of presentation that is relaxed & relevant to you, 
  • Learn vocal techniques - projection, resonance, etc,
  • Develop congruent body language,
  • Work at getting rid of intrusive habits that distract the audience away from your message,
  • Be communicative, influential and promote interest within an audience or a group of colleagues.

The workshop will consist of:

  • 1-2-1 sessions (with input from the group) where each participant can focus on the areas they most need to work on,
  • Group work to share experience, ideas, and feedback.
  • Voice and body language work relevant to the needs of those who attend,
  • Forum-type presentation processes where each participant can get input and feedback on ways to improve from the facilitator (and the group)
  • Being involved in presenting to the group (a number of times), giving and receiving feedback, supporting the other participants,
  • Be involved in helping other participants explore and develop their presenting and influencing skills

The Benefits:

Each participant will:

  • Discover techniques and skills relevant to them (rather than generalised techniques),
  • Increase their confidence in communicating with a greater range of audiences,
  • Develop a greater awareness of their body language,
  • Develop a greater awareness of their voice and how to use it,
  • Develop a greater flexibility in the way they can present a message an information,
  • Be able to analyse their own and others presentation problems and successes – allowing them to discover, learn and try out new ideas, techniques and skills.
  • Each participant will also have 20 minutes of 1-2-1 remote support included (this can be used to cover any issues that arise after the workshop).

It can be a course that can be dipped into on a periodic basis to build up new skills, or just a one-off course to tighten up existing ones.

To maximise the experiential process there will only be a maximum of 8 participants.


The workshop can be delivered as an:

  • In-House workshop costing £900 plus any major expenses and VAT, or
  • Open Course (dates will vary - call or email to enquire about next course dates and costs).