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    Driving Learning & Behaviours into the Workplace


  What’s it about?

We’ve been developing a programme that works at embedding learning and the behaviours involved from the training environment into the business workplace environment and culture.  Simply put, it delivers change.

   Why have we developed this Programme?

From discussions with clients and colleagues, and from previous experience, we see that how ever good a training workshop is, the outcomes are hit or miss as to whether the learning from training is fully transferred into the business environment (particularly training and development based on interpersonal behaviour change). 

There may be a number of reasons for this, but the one that springs out at us is that the high degree of support found in the training environment, once the workshop is finished, is no longer available to the trainees, and therefore the new concepts and skills from the training can be challenged by others within the business (who haven’t experienced the training) and thus cause a lack of confidence.  There is also an effect within business change - the ‘new ways of doing things’ are challenged and sometimes ridiculed by those who still exist within the old culture – this can reduce the effectiveness, or even stall the change process.  Additionally, there are other instances within personal development where an individual tries out new strategies and ‘ways of doing’, and those who are used to the old behaviours react in a way that causes the person to see an outcome as a failure, and then there is are pressure to revert back to old behaviours instead of trying variations on the new behaviours.

This doesn’t necessarily apply to all training initiatives, but it does mean that the time, effort and money put into some training initiatives is not applied as effectively as a business would desire.  This can have the added effect of raising within the business cynicism on the use and effectiveness of such training.

    How It Works

The Actors Mean Business Programme is structured to deliver behaviour-centred training (interpersonal/communication/soft skills) in such a way that it reinforces the learning points and supports the changes that each individual has to travel through.  It does this via additional workshops and remote support (via email/phone/etc).  It can also be used to support any training not delivered by AMB, as it focuses upon the behaviours that are needed and then provides support until the person is confident in applying them.


The AMB Programme will:

    • Ensure the people know how to apply the learning within the workplace.
    • Build confidence enough to apply the learning in the workplace.
    • Ensure that any experience of rejection or negative response does not then revert to old (unwanted) behaviour.  This is done through providing additional support via the additional one-day workshop and the remote support.
    • Ensure that the learning is developed and built upon, as individuals can be allowed to revisit the programme or get remote support outside of it.

The Programme contains 5 places.  Since people travel through change at different speeds, some people may only need 3 months, others up to six, and a few may need more.  This will allow the business to insert other personnel into the programme as places become available (rather than begin another programme at extra cost).

If you would like more information you can request a brochure via email or call us on 0121 350 1112 to discuss the process in more detail.


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